Tuesday, July 30, 2013

¡Adiós Oaxaca! ¡Que Triste!

So today is my last day in Oaxaca, Mexico! It is a sad day that has come much too soon. This past week absolutely flew by. On Monday most of us were able to go to the Guelaguetza, a huge festival that Oaxaca is known for. The neighborhood that we live in has been invaded by toourists because of all that is going on. It's a beautiful time to be here, and I am so glad God has given me the opportunity to experience the beautiful culture down here! This week in our village was marked with goodbyes. We took the missionary family that we are working with out to our village to introduce them to all the people that we have been establishing relationships with this Summer. This is so that after my partner and me leave, all the people that we have been talking to don't become forgotten. They will make sure to follow up with all of our friends that we have made. Our village had a lot of festivities going on this week, so it was hard to catch many of our friends at home. Luckily, we were able to go out to the village one last time on Sunday after church to say goodbye to all of our friends. It was really hard to say goodbye especially to the families that have been so kind to us this summer by inviting us into their home and into their lives. They fed us, cooked with and for us, and treated us like their own. As we said goodbye to one family in particular, they told us that we are a part of their family, and that their doors will always be open to us and our families. After countless pictures, hugs, gifts, and 'hasta luegos'we left our village that now has our hearts. Thinking back to the first day in our village, we felt like such outsiders. No one really wanted to talk to us, much less invite us into their home. Now, we have made such amazing relationships with so many people that feel like family to me. This past week we even had a woman who insisted on us becoming the God-mothers of her nephew. Even though we had to humbly turn down the offer, she still insisted that we were part of her family and if we ever come back, we have a place to stay in her home. The people in our village do not have much, but we have experienced just so much generosity this week, and this summer. They have given us so much, and I just hope that the one and only valuable thing that we have been able to give them, the Gospel of truth, will be able to affect their lives. Please pray for that to happen. Outside of the village, there were also lots of goodbyes to all of our local Oaxacan friends that we have made in the city. One friend in particular has been so sweet and kind. She has shown me so much generosity and genuine love. She will definitely be a great friend of mine for the rest of my life. I've been so busy saying goodbye to all of my Mexican friends, I've been forgetting that I'll be saying some more goodbyes in a few days. Tomorrow morning we will fly out to Alabama for debrief. This is where everyone in Nehemiah Teams that has been serving all over the world will meet back together before we all part ways. Sadly, almost everyone on our Mexican team is from different states. We have all gotten really close to each other this summmer, so it's really sad to be saying goodbye to them as well. On the up side, our team took a spontaneous trip to the beach yesterday! It was a great time to hang out, and relax after a long, busy summer. Even though I am sun burned and sleep deprived, it was a lot of fun, and I had a really great time! Well, I think that is it! I'll be spending my day packing up and taking care of some last minute things before we fly out tomorrow morning. Thank you to everyone who has been praying and supporting me this summer. I have had so many awesome experiences, and memories so thank you again to all of you! See you soon! Love, Karen To Him be the Glory!

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