Monday, June 10, 2013

First Post From Oaxaca, Mexico

Hello everybody!!
I'm so glad that I finally found time to post! Right now, i'm at an internet cafe near my home that i'm staying in this summer. June 1st was the day I got on the plane to Alabama, where I had a 6 day orientation to prepare for the summer. It was a really great time to meet all my teamates, bond, and learn the ins and outs of what the mission field will be like. On June 6th, I finally landed in Oaxaca, Mexico! I'm staying in a house with 9 other girls near downtown Oaxaca, also known as the Zocolo. So far, we have been really blessed to have two career missionary couples that are training us for what we will be doing this summer.

God is just so awesome!! He already gave me a chance to share the gospel and my testimony with a random guy while walking through the Zocolo! The guy was really affected by the gospel message that I was able to explain to him. I know the Holy Spirit was doing all the talking, because the perfect bible verses were coming out in SPANISH that I didn't even memorize in Spanish. It was incredible! I learned that Holy Spirit WILL use me, and WILL give me the right words to say. I just need to be obedient, and He will speak through me. Please pray that this young man's heart will be receptive, and that he may want to know more. Also, please pray for more opportunities for me to share with boldness!

Lets se... what else....A few days ago, I met a local Oaxacan, and we really get along! She is around my age, and yesterday we were able to spend the afternoon together after church. She is such a sweet girl, and she  told me that she is Christian. Please pray that she may have the courage and strenth to live out her faith despite living in a society with a polluted gospel and pray for our friendship, that it may flourish- for his glory.

Now for the village!!!!!!!!!! Because we can speak Spanish, my friend Bailey and I were both assigned to a village where we will work with natives, and ask them to translate Bible stories from their indigenous language into Spanish. This task will open doors for us to share the Bible stories they are translating for us and then, we can ultimately share the gospel and our stories with them! Today Jeff, John and Jenny took us to the village that we will be working in, and showed us how to get there. On Wednesday, we will be going by ourselves! Please pray for the indigineous people in the villages. They have a very polluted knowledge of the gospel that is a mixture of catholisism, animism, and syncritism. Please pray for these people that God loves, that they may be open and friendly to the two of us going into their home and sharing the beautiful good news that they have never heard! Please pray against any boundaries that will keep their hearts from being responsive to God's message that will be delivered to them through us. 

Well, I thin that is about it! Today is only Day 4 of living in Oaxaca, but we have already done so much! Thank you so much for all your prayers and support. I'm learning how truly important and vital prayer is. Literally, every single day that I am here will be completely impossible if I do not rely on God. Here are some more prayer requests that I have not already mentioned:

- pray for unity of my team
- pray for health, as a lot of the girls have already gotten sick
- pray against any forces of ev evil that will try to stop our work
- pray for my focus on Christ and my tasks, as a lot of things are going on at home

That's all for now! A new update will be posted next week! (or as soon as I can)

I love you all, and miss you guys! 

To God be the Glory!!!!!
- Karen (:


  1. Karen,

    It brought tears to my eyes to hear how well everything is going for you. Gods grace is surely shining down brightly on you and I will pray for you through it all! You are my inspiration to be a better woman in life, and especially in Christ. You have inspired me today to become more faithful in prayer and more open to God and His will for me. Not only are you inspiring other in Mexico, but me here. You're working double time! I love you Karen, be safe and careful and keep doing what you do best- moving those lost closer to the Lord. :)

  2. p.s. Your blog skills are pretty sweet ;)